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Index Book Additions are available up to 1989. All new additions created after 1989 are available on the Landmark Web.

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Help - Index Book Search

Help - Index Book Search

  • Click “Index Book Search”.
  • Select your Search Type - Addition or Lands.
  • Select your Index Type – Deed or Mortgage.
  • Under “Addition Search” begin to type your addition name and choose from the drop-down box. If it’s a Lands search, type in your section, township, and range.
  • Click “Find Index Books”.
  • Click “view”
  • The first page of your addition or S/T/R will appear on the screen.
  • To go to the next page, click Forward 1 Page, to skip 10 pages, click Forward 10 Pages. To go back page(s) click Back 1 Page or Back 10 Pages. Or put in the next desired page number, then press enter key.
  • Zoom in, Zoom out, Fit to Width or height of page, as needed or download to your desktop if desired
  • To move to the next book (if needed), return to the search-page tab, click “view” by the next book you want to search. If you click “Back to search”, you will need to re-enter your search criteria.
  • For Lands, September 2014 to current, click the link, where it reads “Please Click here".
  • For Additions, as of January 1989, click the link, where it reads “Please Click here".
  • To print from Landmark Web, Click Search. Click “Book/page or Instrument” and enter the number of the document that you want to print.

  • Note: If you need a document that does not appear in Landmark Web, follow the steps below:

  • To request a copy of a document, return to your results page. Click on the icon that says Microfilm.
  • Select a document type and fill in the book and page you are requesting; click “add”.
  • Click “Remove” to discard book page request.
  • Type in your email address you want microfilm to return to.
  • Click “Request Image from Microfilm”. Your request for a copy will be sent to our Microfilm Department. We will respond to your request in the order in which we receive it.